Public securities

Digital securities for the public markets

ioSecurities can be configured according to the needs of CSDs and banks to be used as a standalone platform or to be integrated with their current systems easily. With ioSecurities all records of transfer and ownership of securities is maintained directly on blockchain instead of in a centralised database, making blockchain the ultimate source of truth. On integrations, ioSecurities work as a middle layer between current systems and blockchain, making it as simple as working with a traditional database, and offering the tools to easily configure the lifecycle, behaviour and compliance of the tokens.

Digital securities

Who is it for

A platform for all the traditional actors

ioSecurities includes specific portals/applications with distinct functionality for all the different actors in the market, all in a single solution for your business.

Public building


Core manager of the platform. They on-board and manage the rest of market entities, issue securities, and overwatch the market and lifecycle of securities according to regulations.



Custodians whitelist and manage investors according to compliance regulations, and keep track of the detail level registry of the securities.



Issuers request the issuance of securities to the CSDs and fullfill their correspondent duties to the investors -payouts,etc- along the lifecycle of the security (most times, through Agent Banks).

Three heads


Once whitelisted under a Custodian, they can participate on the primary and secondary markets, and exercise investors rights (dividends, voting, coupons…) on the securities they acquired.

What's included

Build the platform you need

Entities, compliance, portals and tools access are fully configurable.

CSD tools

  • Security creation wizard
  • Entities management panel
  • Securities management panel
  • Reporting tool
  • Platform configuration panel
  • Financial systems integrations
  • API and documentation

Custodian portal

  • Investors onboarding and whitelisting
  • Investors management panel
  • Private Keys custody (optional)
  • Securities management panel
  • Securities distribution wizard
  • OTC module
  • Investors trading platform (optional)

Issuer/Agent bank portal

  • Security application wizard
  • Securities management panel
  • Reporting tool
  • Fiat account
  • Accounts management

Investor portal

  • KYC/MIFIDII onboarding
  • Securities management panel
  • Secondary market
  • Fiat account
  • OTC access

The first Digital Securities solution for CSDs and global traditional markets