A customisable end-to-end digital securities platform

ioSecurities is an end-to-end whitelabel solution for the issuance and management of digital securities. It brings blockchain technology into traditional markets and opens completely new business opportunities.

ioSecurities focuses on being adaptable to the current regulatory frameworks of the different countries and integrating with the current technology systems and protocols (SWIFT, T2S, etc). It uses the most adopted token protocol in the industry -EIP-1400- to ensure future compatibility with digital exchanges, with all necessary compliance and security behaviour rules built in natively on the tokens. With ioSecurities, the whole securities lifecycle -including trading- can now take place on- chain.

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Product highlights

End-to-End platform

ioSecurities covers the whole lifecycle of securities and provides specialised tools to all the parties involved, which -depending on the case- includes CSDs, Custodian Entities, Issuers, Agent Banks and Investors.

Ready for integrations

ioSecurities is easily integrated with the current financial system technologies and protocols (T2S, SWIFT), making it interoperable with the present market architecture, and facilitating ad-hoc solutions for current systems.

Customizable and adaptable

The core system is fully configurable to provide solutions to different business cases and different regulatory frameworks. Security types, lifecycle details and participants, as well as compliance requirements can be configured in detail to adapt to an specific case.

Built-in compliance

Built with compliance in mind, securities issued to blockchain with the system all have native AML/KYC/MIFID2 built-in. This makes it impossible to transfer the securities to an investor who does not meet the compliance criteria, thus lowering risks and costs, and allowing for compliant trading in different exchanges.

Real delivery-versus-payment

Thanks to its integration with ioCash, its possible for the first time to issue and trade digital securities with fiat money counterparts natively on blockchain. This allows to atomic delivery-versus-payment on chain with real fiat money.

Institutional level security

ioCash is built according to the most strict financial security guidelines, with blockchain technology providing an extra layer of security and transparency for institutional users.

Ethereum technology

ioSecurities is built on ethereum and uses the industry standards EIP-1400 (security token), EIP-2020 (compliance) and EM-Token. It can be deployed on any ethereum based network, including public/permissioned/private networks.

Product coverage

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  • Multiple level registry
  • Direct custody
  • Underwriting
  • Entities & investor whitelisting
  • Compliance management
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  • Compliance enforcement
  • Compliant trading
  • New investors whitelisting
  • Financial platforms integration
  • Exchanges integration
Cash flow


  • Economic rights
  • Governance/Voting rights
  • Buy-back/redemption rights
  • Burn/amortization
  • Upgradability

The first whitelabel digital securities solution for securities platforms