Private securities

Create a digital securities platform catered to your needs

Digital securities takes capital raising to the next level by making it faster, easier and cheaper. ioSecurities can be configured for the issuance and management of any kind of private security offerings. Private securities are those that are not traded in the public markets, such as syndicate loans and private equity. With ioSecurities you can build different business cases, and adapt to different regulatory standards. It can be used for raising capital for an specific single project, or to create a full-fledged platform that provides capital raising for third parties as a business model. Supported models for raising capital include private debt (currently available), private equity, syndicate loans, and project finance (coming soon).

Digital securities


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Completely whitelabel platform, you can customise your business look and feel easily.

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Investors portal

Independent portal for investors, with easy onboarding -configured by you- and all the tools for trading and managing their securities.

Cash flow


With automated compliance on every transfer, you can open trading to other marketplaces in the world.

What's included

Build the platform you need

Entities, compliance, portals and tools access are fully configurable.

Platform tools

  • System configuration panel
  • Security creation wizard
  • Entities management panel
  • Securities management panel
  • Reporting and communication tools
  • Investors management panel
  • Private Keys custody (optional)

Issuer portal

  • Security application wizard
  • Reporting and communication tools
  • Fiat accounts
  • Account management

Investor portal

  • KYC/MIFIDII onboarding
  • Securities management panel
  • Secondary market
  • Fiat account
  • OTC access

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