Taking traditional securities and assets into blockchain

Blockchain and digital securities are chaning the financial landscape forever. New markets arise, and traditional ones need to adapt to the new technologies if they want to preserve a relevant role in the future of the market.'

ioSecurities helps new and traditional entities to transition current securities and assets into blockchain, easily.'


Helping markets on the transition to digital securities

Blockchain and digital securities are disrupting the finance industry, bringing key advantages -such as global liquidity, increased efficiency and many more- compared with the current financial systems. The new technology is creating opportunities for new players and challenging the role of traditional entities in the market.

ioSecurities is an end-to-end digital securities solution focusing on bringing blockchain technology to new and traditional market entities - CSDs, banks, custodians,etc- , helping them to meet the new industry challenges and continue having a leading role in it in the future.

Digital securities


Adapted to the regulations of today, flexible for tomorrow

Instead of hoping for regulations to adapt to the technology -which might take years- ioSecurities has adapted the technology to work with the current regulatory framework. The system is highly configurable to comply with the different country regulations, making it possible to include on- chain each actor and process in the lifecycle of traditional securities, while keeping the ability to trim them down when the regulations allow.

Digital securities created on our system can only be transferred if they comply with the rules built-in in the code, both for the sender and the receiver. This makes compliance with securities regulations -as configured by you- extremely simple, and opens the possibility for trading in eligible third party exchanges.

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Adaption to regulations

The platform

Digital securities for different business cases

ioSecurities is a whitelabel solution configurable to fit different use cases. This allows businesses to customise the product to their own needs.

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Public securities

Used by CSDs, ioSecurities can be used for the issuance and management of public traded securities. The system can be integrated with the current technology systems and protocols, making it the easiest way for issuance regulated entities to transition to blockchain technology at their own pace.

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Private securities

ioSecurities can be configured to perform almost any kind of regulated private capital raising, for individual projects or for building complete capital market places.

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Advantages of Digital Securities

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Global liquidity

Security tokens are tradeable 24/7 all across the world, easing the access to global markets liquidity.

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Native compliance

Compliance is built-in at the smart contract level, making the security tokens fully regulated. Non-whitelisted investors simply cannot receive securities per system design.

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All security legal conditions and investor/issuer rights can be configured easily and are programmed in the smart contract. This includes dividend rights, voting rights, etc.

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Fractional ownership

Assets that previously were non-divisible (like real estate and other physical assets) can now be tokenized, making it possible for smaller investors to participate on those assets, thus increasing liquidity for issuers and investors.

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Blockchain provides a more direct and certain ownership over the assets to investors.

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With blockchain it is possible to eliminate most of the middlemen and decrease time and cost for all parts in each of the different stages of a security lifecycle.

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